Falling up

par Dr Awkward

Reach out
Shout, and preach
Unleash the powers you’re drowning in
Unhinge the door that locks you out
Know that none
But yourself stands
In your way
For yours is the stare and gaze that stop you
From reaching each and every height that you set sight upon.
Dance, a crippled dance
A prance a trance that ends with a crank
Creak as the plank carries you
Over the waters of unending uncertainty
Know that you’ll never know rest.
Success comes to the beast
That sleeps within your chest
Wonder ever who is you
Now or never is as good a time
To be changing
For in change is cast the dime
The foolish misspelled rhyme
Metrics pounded upon
With tongues of silver and gold
That melting never get old.
Die a colorful death
In so many lives have you dwelt
And so many have you met
Ends, strands, branded lambs
Hoarded grudges in perilous hands
Born again to defy and break
Rules of might and mighty rulers
Teachers for the blind
Folded into your hands
Is the wisdom they pretend
For you to understand
And learn —yet none of it is true
Or truer than a lie
Choose or loose allies
Spies and saints that cry and cry
For shame
Reams upon reams
Of unspoken blurted hurtful truths
Bursting from their painted lips
Unswerving ships to trap
The young into.
The old you brought about
Too soon, friend
Too soon.